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ぷち やすこ Yasuko Petit / Paris France

L'objectif de Kaguya Café est de vous faire découvrir un espace dans lequel chacun oeuvre pour son bien-être. En plus de vous enseigner les différentes techniques de fabrication au travers de mes différents ateliers, c'est une philosophie que j'essaie de vous transmettre.
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梶原紫織 Shiori Kajiwara / Toronto,Canada

2009年より子連れOKの講習会をメインに活動している「ひだまりクラブ」にて麹関連のワークショップを開催し、現在はKoji Flower にてオンラインクラスを中心とした、個別のクラスから1年単位で麹の作り方、各種麹調味料の作り方をフルで学べるプログラムを提供。更には麹を食とからだ、健康維持に繋げ「養生」を日本の伝統文化と共に伝えている。

Lives in Toronto, Canada
Born in Fukuoka, Japan
Registered Acupuncturist
Mother of 3 boys

Has established and provides various koji workshops at Hidamari Club, a mom’s group which provides a variety of child friendly workshops since 2009.  Currently, I mainly provide an online class to learn how to make koji and various koji products from individual classes to a one year all inclusive program.   
Furthermore, I would like to link the koji to enrich your health, and to pass this traditional Japanese culture with “養生yojyo” which means how to live a life, through koji.
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伊藤 公子 Kimiko Ito / Frankfurt Germany

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Ronda Yuko/ Switzerland

 KojiRon since 2019 run by Yuko Ronda: ’Ron’
-Certified Koji Instructor (Nakaji Koji Akademy)
-Miso Sommelier
-Registered Nurse (Japan and Australia)
-Warabeuta Baby massage instructor

Life with Koji is something deep. It is not only making or producing  Koji related products (Miso, Soy sauce, Sake, Mirin, Amazake and so on). Life with Koji is meaningful.
Ron is fascinated by Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae) and took the on-line Nakaji’s Koji Academy. She has been visiting Koji specialists or artists, how she would call them, of all around the World.  At her home in Baden (Switzerland), Ron has steamed rice and other grain for Koji making more than 100 times, during her first year of Koji learning period (a bit extreme and crazy!). It was not hard, but rather calming for her life (with 2 small energetic kids). Koji making feels like meditation, time away from the usual routine. 
Koji making is not so complicated and difficult. Koji is just mold. Create some environment for mold to grow, humidity and warmth, then leave it. However, just like raising children, you  will need to keep an eye on and take good care of it. Koji is a very special and safe mold. You will surely get something good out of it, be it nourishment for the body or for the soul.

As an introduction to life with Koji, buy some to experiment or try some of the authentically made Koji fermented products, like Miso, amazake, sake, soy sauce, etc.. They do taste great, better than their pasteurized counterparts that you find in supermarkets. As a nurse, I believe that Koji is the key to make us and our planet fit and healthy.Drop me a line if you are clicked or felt something by reading all of the above. I am there for you with Koji.


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内柴 晴子 Haruko Uchisiba /London.United Kingdon

英国ロンドンで畑野菜や麹を育て、北ロンドンのファーマーズマーケット Stroud Green Marketで麹商品を販売しています。アーティストやミュージシャンの多いこのエリア、目新しい食文化にも怯むことなく、お客さんはいつも興味深々。嬉しいことに毎回質問の嵐です。こんな形でダイレクトに日本の麹文化をイギリスの地に根付かせていきたいと考えています。
I grow koji @ home and vegetables in my allotment,and sell koji-based products at the Stroud Green Market in North London.I love this cozy & friendly market as it is so community-oriented and the customers are always so keen to learn about new food culture💖. My motto is to bring authentic Japanese food from formal restaurant to family kitchen.
I also collaborate with local restaurants and hold various kind of workshops.
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ラム前田 庸子 Yoko Lam / Los Angeles.United States

奈良市出身 大学卒業後台北にて就職。結婚を機に渡米。自宅で味噌を作り始めたのをきっかけに手作りの発酵食品、保存食品の美味しさに魅了されLA郡主催のMFP発酵食マスターとして地域の方々に保存食の作り方を指導。2018年よりHAKKOを立ち上げ日本の保存食、発酵食を中心にワークショップを開催。今秋より“おうちで作る麹”のクラスを開催予定。

From Nara, Japan.Worked in Taipei, Taiwan after graduating and came to the United States and started a family.Inspired by the taste of handmade fermented foods and preserved foods after starting to make miso at home. She taught local people how to make preserved foods as an MFP (master food preserver) organized by LA County.HAKKO was launched in 2018 and held workshops focusing on Japanese preserved and fermented foods at LA and other states.
Starting this fall 2019, she will hold the class of “how to made koji at home”.

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根元愛 Ai Nemoto / 千葉県銚子市 Chiba.Choshi

・今野華都子式サロン「水と手の奇跡」銚子店 オーナーエステティシャン

〈千葉県銚子市在住〉 幼少の頃から祖母や大叔母の漬物をはじめとする保存食づくりを見て育つ。大人になり稲霊をはじめて見た時、自分の中の眠っていたDNAが目覚めた激しい揺さぶりを覚える。古の人々の感性と技術に触れたいという思いから稲霊からの種糀起こしから始めたのが麹づくりの第一歩。糀づくりをはじめとする発酵食づくりや発酵料理に特化した「発酵わくわくワークショップ」を毎月開催。五感をフルに使った「感じる」ワークショップをモットーに、発酵の楽しさや素晴らしさ、奥深さを伝えている。また、自宅の日本蜜蜂から分けてもらった巣脾からの蜜蝋づくりや蜜蝋からのラップやクリームづくり講座も開催。

世界ナンバー1エステティシャン今野華都子先生に師事。2014年 今野華都子式サロン「水と手の奇跡」銚子店をスタート。発酵食で腸からも美しく。エステティシャンとして、その方本来の持つ本質的な美しさと健やかさに立ち返るお手伝いをさせていただいている。

作田 千津子 / 栃木県小山市 Japan

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逸見まり / 岡山県岡山市 Japan

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青木麻衣 Mai Aoki / 島根県出雲市Japan

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 ネウパネ長谷川 恵美 Neupanehasegawa Emi /長野県北佐久郡 Japan
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伊藤 朋子Tomoko Ito / 千葉県流山 Japan


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笠原 多美子Tamiko Kasahara  / Perugia Italia

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安房 滋子 SHIGEKO AWA/ 千葉県市川市


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